“I had never been to an exercise class before attending Pilates. Major surgery had left me very depleted and depressed. Nine months later I cannot believe the difference! I have body and muscle strength and feel so much more invigorated. Sherrie’s professionalism and patience are amazing. I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to do exercises but knew that I wanted to feel better. I cannot believe the difference and have come to love the sessions – they just go too fast! Thank you Sherrie, you’re a gem!

Diane, 55+

Recommended by her Physio to see us for rehabilitation.

Personally, my own core strength, body muscle tone and flexibility have all improved from having done several months of this program.  Like all health maintenance programs I intend to continue indefinitely. I also shall continue to recommend patients who need professional, guided self- help in increasing body tone, reversing traumatic injury effects and maintaining their health on all levels.

Thank you Sherrie and all at Narellan Pilates Studio.

Joseph J. Ierano BSc (NSW) DC (USA) Doctor of Chiropractic Upper Cervical Practitioner Member Australasian College of Chiropractors

12 Old Hume Hwy, Camden NSW Australia 2570 Ph: 02 4655 4010 Fax: 02 4655 4710

“I have been doing Pilates at NPS for over 12 months and I will have to say I have never felt better. I have always been an active person but my back pain has really impeded on my life for the last 5 years. Now I feel very strong in that area and generally and am able to resume all activities. I am nearly 40 years old and actually feel fitter and stronger than I ever had.”

M.L., 30’s from Graesmere

began Pilates to strengthen her back and attends weekly studio sessions.

“I have never felt stronger or more flexible as I do now. Standing with “correct posture” is not a challenge and better still I am pain free.
In a highly physical profession, I needed to look after my body for longevity. Pilates has enabled me to do this.”

S.W. , 20’s, Osteopath

began Pilates for strength and endurance, attends fortnightly studio sessions.

“Since starting Pilates (approx. 22 visits) I have straightened my back alignment. The result is that I have not had a recurrence of back pain for over 3 months. I have dropped 7 kilos in weight and reduced my waist size by 8cm. I looked to help ease my back pain, but have also gained strength, agility and fitness.”

Jason, 30’s

Referred to studio by his osteopath, attends weekly sessions.

On my first visit to Narellan Pilates Studio I was barely able to walk up the stairs, but after being assessed by Sherrie and doing the prescribed exercises at home, when I returned to the studio three days later, the stairs were no problem.”

Lorraine, 50’s

Referred by her physiotherapist for work related injury and back condition: spondylolithesis. Lorraine attends weekly sessions.